Oilskin information

Oilskin is a coating which is leaves the fabric waterproof, windproof and highly durable. All P.L.N. oilskin products are coated by hand with a mixture of linseed oil, mineral spirits and beeswax. The mix creates a smell characteristic for oilskin which will evaporate with the use of your garment.

Oilskin garments have a 'break in' period, where the extra oils leave the fabric as the body heat sets the oils. The breathability and softness of your garment will increase after the 'break in' period.

With proper maintenance of your oilskin product it will last for many years. The below care instructions serve as guidelines for a long life for your oilskin garment:

Please avoid the following:

Please follow the care instructions below:

To maintain the coated surface of your oilskin product, please follow the steps below:

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