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The joy of the garment, and what it can do to the one who wears it, is what drives P.L.N.

How we feel about the clothes we wear should not only extend to the look and the quality of the garment - it should be equally important that the clothes we wear reflect our values and move us towards a world we can feel good about too.
Craftsmanship and upcycling are two important points of departure for the design itself and the design process at P.L.N. We like to challenge the notion of how we create in a world of excess.

Since 2021 we have exclusively worked with a made-to-order basis, which means every item is intentionally made for the person wearing it. Every made-to-order piece is produced by hand in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We are slowly starting to outsource our production and have a wish to ensure that our growth is environmentally and socially sustainable. It is therefore our main priority to outsource production to manufacturers who focus on circularity to reduce or eliminate waste all together in the process of creating new. Once our produced products have launched we will provide information on the origin of the produced garment to ensure transparency for our customers. In this process we recover waste by recycling or upcycling it in order to reduce the consumption of raw materials.

We are not fully circular or fully sustainable but it is a matter that is at the very heart and DNA of P.L.N. that we strive to implement in any and all processes related to being a fashion brand.